Senior League matches ~ Sat. 12th & Sun. 13th October

Captains and DLMs are requested to upload the results of QUARTER-FINAL matches played on Saturday 12th October IMMEDIATELY after their conclusion, or by 5p.m. at the latest (in the event of matches being re-scheduled locally to facilitate the Ireland Rugby World Cup match).  

All match winners will be playing again on Sunday 13th October.  DLTC Councillors will be in the Office from 12:30p.m. to check results and to arrange times and venues for the semi-finals. These will be posted on the website once ALL results have been received and checked.   

The results of all semi-final matches played on Sunday 13th October should also be uploaded to the website immediately after their conclusion.  This will greatly facilitate the prompt scheduling of the finals on Sunday 20th October.  This year’s finals will be held in Malahide and Terenure LTCs.

Thank you for your co-operation.