Summer League 2022 ~ Nomination of teams & subs

Please be advised that Summer League teams must be nominated and substitutes must be registered with correct lowest class designations by 23:59 hrs on Tuesday, 3rd May 2022.

It is imperative that DLMs check that they have successfully logged into the new DLTC Directory.  See the DLTC Directory tab for instructions as to how this is done.  When logged in successfully, a DLM should see five options in the drop down menu after clicking on the “Club” tab.  Please check this as soon as possible…….do not wait until Tuesday to check this.

The Office will be manned intermittently over the weekend to deal with e-mail queries received.  The Office email address is:

Please note that there is no Class 8 in Summer League so subs should not be designated as lowest class 8.

Thank you for you co-operation.