Winter QFs ~ Sat. 11th March

We hope that the weather on Saturday next 11th March will permit all Winter League Quarter Final matches to be played.

Team captains are asked to contact their opposing team captain early on Saturday to clarify if courts are playable/unplayable.  The DLTC will provide contact details to team captains on Friday, 10th March.  Please note that contact details for Club Captains are available on by clicking on the Club Contact Details tab.

If quarter final matches are not played on Saturday, they must be played on Sunday, 12th March, at the times and venues specified for the Saturday matches……hopefully the weather will allow this.  This will mean that SF matches originally scheduled for Sunday 12th March will have to be postponed. 

Please upload any results of matches played at the weekend to www, promptly and keep an eye to for updates.  Thank you for your co-operation.